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Air duct cleaning Aurora Co We specialized in all aspects of residential air duct cleaning services. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive duct work cleaning, furnace, dryer vent and air duct sanitization services. All air duct cleaning is an Aurora-based fully insured family owned and operated as well as BBB Accredited air duct cleaning company; proudly serving Aurora, CO. and the nearby areas.

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Schedule a professional, top to bottom air duct cleaning service in Aurora or in the Denver Metro area today! 720-364-3988 Our air duct cleaning specialists will provide you with a no obligation, over the phone estimate and can answer any questions you may have.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Getting your air ducts cleaned allows the airflow to run freely through the heat exchanger, cooling coils and ultimately through the air duct system free of dust, debris, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and pet dander. If you haven’t cleaned your air duct system or it has been over two years since the last time you had it cleaned, contact us today! Our air duct cleaning service it always includes free air duct sanitizing as part of our service for a healthier in door air.

Indoor air quality is important which is why we are proud to offer our customers a high quality air duct cleaning services. Our goal is to meet your needs and help you improve the air quality in your home and to make your HVAC system more efficient.


Improve your indoor air quality and your HVAC system efficiency! Want to be amazed?

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Air Duct Sanitization

Are you ready to improve your indoor air quality? We are here to help improve your indoor air quality and your HVAC system efficiency. Our air ductwork cleaning procedure begins by running our 10″ vacuum hose from our vacuum system outside your down to where the furnace is located. Then our technician proceeds to create a 10″ access door into the main trunk line to attach the vacuum hose, basically turning your entire air duct supply into a vacuum. The next step is cover every single air vent in the home. This allows us to focus the negative air pressure into the air vent that we’re working from, ensuring all the dust and debris is pulled straight to our vacuum box and that no dust enters back into your home.

air duct cleaning Aurora

Our powerful vacuum system removes all blockages and loose fragments but further scrubbing is necessary to thoroughly remove built-up dust, pollen, animal dander and chemical residues from your air duct system.

We scrub one air vent at a time, all the way from the top down to the main trunk line using a rotating brush and air whips to sweep and loosen debris. In addition to that, the fun part is then 275 PSI of compressed air blasting forward to maximize the efficiency of the air duct cleaning process. The same cleaning procedures apply to cleaning the return side of the HVAC system. The cold air return side allows the furnace to draw in cold air to be filtered, reheated and recirculated throughout the home.

Air Ventilations Cleaning

Once the cleaning procedure is complete on both air supply-side and the cold air return-side of your HVAC system the next step is sealing the access doors and ports. A few 1-inch access points are created throughout the ductwork during the cleaning process. These access points are plugged with 1-inch air-tight caps and both 10-inch access doors will be sealed with 12″ x 12″ galvanized access panels upon completion.

We provide you with short video clips and pictures of before during and after to ensure that we are meeting your expectations. If you live in Aurora or in the Denver Metro Area and you have never had your air duct system cleaned, contact us today. We are here to assist you with an exact quote over the phone or answer any questions you may have. We are an air duct cleaning, furnace and dryer vent cleaning company proudly serving our neighbors and yours in Aurora Colorado.