Furnace cleaning Aurora and near by areas contact us today.  When Was The Last Time You Had Your Furnace Cleaned? A dirty furnace system will work harder causing your energy bill to increase! do you have an A/C System? Air flow is the lifeblood of a furnace and A/C system it’s critical to keep it free of build up dirt and debris we provide affordable A/C Coil Cleaning in Aurora and near by Colorado counties. 

Furnace cleaning Services

All Air Duct Cleaning, LLC. understand the positive impact that air duct cleaning has on indoor air quality and the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system. We provide the most thorough furnace cleaning, blower wheel, coil’s and air duct cleaning services in Aurora, CO and throughout the Denver metro area.

A/C Coil Cleaning Aurora

Our furnace cleaning process starts from the top with the cooling coils which are located right above the heater exchanger. Dirty or clogged cooling coils can cause extremely weak airflow, leading to freeze over and ultimately losing the cooling capability and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Clogged A/C coils

The cooling coil cleaning process starts by removing the access panel. Once we have access to the evaporator coils, we use a soft brush to remove any debris, follow by professional grade foaming solvent coil cleaner. About 10 minutes after the cleaning agent has been applied we carefully rinse the coil fins to ensure all dust, and dirt build up has been completely removed from both sides of the evaporator coils, restoring the system’s functionality.

The heat exchanger cleaning process starts with the heat exchanger block. The first step we take is to get access to the top of the block. Then by removing the blower fan, we get access to the lowest point of the block where we’ll be placing our vacuum hose.

Furnace head exchanger cleaning

Once the vacuum hose is secure, we begin to clean with controlled compressed air from the top of the block through and in between chambers to remove all fine dust and debris. Then moving on to clean the heat exchanger combustion chambers and burners. Once the inside of the combustion chambers has been thoroughly cleaned, we’ll do a video inspection to look for any visible cracks on the heat exchanger.

Blower Wheel Cleaning

Blower Fan Cleaning. At this point in our furnace cleaning process, the blower fan has been properly removed from the furnace unit to access the heat exchanger.

Blower Fan Cleaning

The blower fan is the last component of the furnace system that we clean. Utilizing negative air and pressure compressed air (200 psi) to blast away years of dirt build up on blades and housing. A small wire brush may be used to clean fan blades if necessary. Using a soft brush the fan motor is brushed off and vacuumed out to remove dust and dirt.

After all blower fan components are cleaned, including the blower compartment, we’ll reinstall the blower assembly back into the furnace unit. We provide 3M filtrate Ultra Allergen air filters- 1500 MPR. Call now to schedule your furnace cleaning in Aurora and Denver Metro Area.